Friday, August 24

Guy begs for gold to everyone

Here is another gold chat log mailed to us with the following description:

Guy begs for gold to everyone, so I offered to teach him how to make his own...

I'm really impressed with the effort you put in... and actually I'm impressed with his determination NOT to learn how to play. That's dedication. Welcome to WoW I guess: where people will go out of their way to do as little actual work as possible.

Somone once told me that you often work for a reward. It isn't normally given to you for free. But personally I I PLAY for rewards in video games. I do not WORK in my leisure time. This may seem like a semantic distinction, however I take it very seriously.

In the past I have definitely been socially invested enough in MMOs that they started feeling like work. Then I made a conscious decision that changed the way I interact with these games: if it starts to feel like work I immediately close the game and go do something else. I'll come back to it a few days later if I feel like it, but only if I'm in the mood for it and only if I am having fun. I will never force myself to do something in game that is not entertaining me just to get some kind of in-game reward. My leisure time is at a premium and is worth too much to me to waste by doing something because I feel obligated.

It can be argued that everything most things you do in a MMORPG game (or Warcraft at least) is technically work, some of it is more fun than others. When you get to the point where something is difficult, you have to keep working on your skills until you managed to overcome this difficulty and beat the level/game/stage.
Ofcourse this varies with what you do, some people can't help it and so they have to stay in LFR, or others may not be as quick in their brain as other Arena players.
I do agree though, the moment a game starts to feel like work you should stop playing it and give it a break, though it's sometimes hard to convince myself that spam raiding every week or doing dungeons you've already done before for loot is fun and not work.

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