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How to be "Realm First! level 90"

Today im gonna give you a "Wall-of-text guide" on how to increase your chances to get you the FoS achievement -

Or if you are really setting your goal for it, maybe even get you it!

Disclaimer: This is not for noobs, you must be very experienced with your class, World of Warcraft, fast leveling in general, and you must have the time! This will not work if you are not ready at LAUNCH time, you can not excpect to get realm first if you go to sleep early and then go to school before starting the journey to 90!

Preparing for MoP Realm First:

Things you will need :

#1 Reliable network
You must be 100% sure that you have your network ready for the launch day. One Disconnect and you risk your realm first achievement right there!

Having 1000ms won't help you very much aswell, make sure you have closed every download / porn sites / YouTube or whatever that might cause you to lagg more than wanted.

#2 Food, Energy (Drinks / bars etc)
Even tho you are going for realm first, you need to stay hydrated and not starve.  This is pretty self explanitory but you cant spend 30 minutes at level 87 cooking food because you get hungry. What I like to do is to make some awesome taco before launch and eat me full and then wrap some more so I can eat whenever I get hungry, just put it in the microwave for one minute when you have any idle* time on WoW.

*Idle time is a time where there is some cinematic. You probably remember the first time you went to Vasj'ir and had to sit on the boat for 3 minutes doing nothing. This is a good time to go to the bathroom and get your food heated up in the microwave.

Originally Posted by Parrky Here's some proper advice, make sure you're preordered and preloaded the expansion and get to bed at a time that ensures you'll wake up near midnight of launch.
Give yourself two hours to fully wake up, prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner plus any snacks and drinks. Here are my personal recommendations:
Breakfast: Something with a high amount of fibre, my favourite is museli - weetabix is also popular along with shreddies and porridge oats. Fibre does two things, it slows the processing of carbohydrates and makes them a more efficient long term energy provider and it also fills you up. Whatever you do do not miss breakfast.
Lunch: Something along the lines of a chicken sandwich would be great, pasta is another option here but I'm saving that for my dinner.
Dinner: Pasta (with chicken cuz chicken is darn tasty)! Can be served cold and is still tasty!

Snacks: Fruit is good, yoghurt can help digestion and anything sugary is a no no.
Drinks: Water, water and more water. If you're feeling tired after a while, DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING WITH CAFFEINE. I can't stress this enough, caffeine will have you taking pissbreaks every 5 minutes. If you're feeling tired, take a glucose tablet or some sugary sweets like Haribo and energy bars are fine too.

One final piece of advice, take heed of your mortality. You are only human, make sure you rest appropriately when you need it.#3 Privacy

Tell your wife / friends / your dog or whoever you may live with, what you are doing. You dont want your girlfriend charging into your room dragging you to shopping or your boyfriend begging you for le sexy time. So make sure they know, you don't want ANY downtime!

#4 Have the client downloaded!
Make sure you have downloaded the game before the launch! Open the launcher and it will start download (They have allready made the game available for download)

#5 (Optional) Some good music!
What I like to do when playing games is to turn on my kick ass surround sound system and fire up some awesome music! This makes the gametime more fun and less boring

Spotify is a great way to setup music for your gameplay, just make an account on Download Spotify - Spotify (I highly reccomend getting premium so you wont have any commercials between the music which is really annoying trust me.) Make your playlist and put it as "Available Offline" so it wont use any uneccesarry net.

In-game Preperations :

#1 Keybindings
Make sure you have keybindings for targetting and interracting with friendly NPCs, this will make it much easier if there are alot of people blocking the quest givers etc.

#2 Addons
You dont want to spend alot of time clicking accept and and complete and all that, Turn In lets you skip all that and makes you a couple of seconds ahead. Turn In - Quests & Leveling 

You dont wanna stop for 10 second figuring out where to go looking at you map. Mapster gives you the ability to have the map open while running around questing. Mapster - Map & Minimap 

Make sure all your addons WORK on the Beta, you don't want your addons to crash your client while playing the game.

#3 Daily Quests
Make sure you have 25 daily quests and preferrably normal quests besides that.

I will have the comment below reserved for full guide on all the quests you can get and deliver when MoP hits.

#4 85 Heirloom gear *Note: this is not tested, but it worked at Cata launch!
In Cataclysm only 2 new heirlooms was implemented, the head and the cloak (80-85) Im 99% sure this will work in MoP. Basically since its 80-85 it means you can use it in 85 aswell to gain more exp untill level 86.

#5 Flasks / Potions / Food and inventory
This is pretty much self-explanitory. Clear your bags of trash, put useless stuff in your bank and buy alot of potions, flasks and buff food. 

The more buffs you have, the faster you will level!

Beta preperations :
If you don't have beta access, buy it from someone on the forums, get it from a friend, just make sure you have it! If you don't...well then you could pretty much give up allready.

#1 Talents and gear
Figure out the best possible spec you can have. Get BiS gear, the better gear you have, the more damage you will do and the faster you will level up.

#2 Read up on your class

MMO-Champion - World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies

Mmo champion have all the updates on every class, I won't teach you how to play, so go read up on that site if you are not 100% sure of what changes gonna hit in MoP and how you will handle that.

#3 90s everywhere!

Go to -> Summary -> WoW Beta -> Beta Character Copy -> and copy your char.

Now what? Level it up, level it up 10 times, level it up 100 times. Level it up enough times so you are 100% sure your method is the fastest!
Ask other 90s their /played time and if they did it faster then you? Well guess what, level your char more!

Optimizing your strategies :

#1 Figure out the fastest way to travel

Where should you put your HS? Figure out the best times to change zones. There are many items in-game that lets you teleport to different places around Azeroth!

#2 Enchants and Gems
Keep enchants and gems in your inventory to enchant your new gear. Every oppertunity to gain more dps is an oppertunity to level faster!

#3 Don't kill uneccesarry stuff!
Don't stay around to finish that 1 extra mob you pulled after completing the neccesarry stuff for your quest! Are you a rogue? Vanish. Are you a hunter? Feign Death. Are you a druid? Dash away. Effectivity ftw!

#4 Practice!
Don't stop with the Beta playing until you are fully satisfied with the speed and effincency of your leveling method and you are sure you will get Realm First with that exacy method!



If you plan on getting realm first level 90 Monk, you HAVE to do the RAF to get your monk to level 81 ASAP!

Basically, grant your monk levels until you hit 79! This is very important, do NOT grant to 80. When you have 99% exp in 79, then you grant the last level to 80. And after you have granted that last level. You will be level 80 and have 99% exp for level 81

Notes : Make sure you are not in a raid group or you will not be able to complete the quests!
Proffession Daily Quests

#1 Jewelcrafting

The NPCs who offer the Jewelcrafting dailies are:

Stormwind :
Isabel Jones - NPC - World of Warcraft

Orgrimmar :
Marith Lazuria - NPC - World of Warcraft

While the quest givers are different, the Jewelcrafting daily quests are the same for both Horde and Alliance:
#1 A Present for Lila - Quest - World of Warcraft

Cut three Timeless Nightstone - Item - World of Warcraft.
This is pretty straight forward, get 3 Nightstones from the Auction House and cut them into Timeless Nightstones. 

If you buy the Timeless Nightstones off the Auction House it will not count as the quest clearly states that you need to "Cut" 3 Timeless Nightstones

#2 Elemental Goo - Quest - World of Warcraft

Collect 10 Elemental Goo - Item - World of Warcraft
Portals in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar offer easy access:

Scalding Rock Elemental - NPC - World of Warcraft - Mount Hyjal - Right outside the Nordrassil Inn. <-- Reccomended
Energized Geode - NPC - World of Warcraft - Deepholm - Outside the Temple of Earth.
Scion of Al'Akir - NPC - World of Warcraft - Uldum - Located around Orsis just southwest of Ramkahen. <-- This one is nice if you are an Alchemist aswell and want to Transmute 15 Volatile Life into Volatile Air (with a chance to proc) because the transmute will transmute into the Volatile depending on what location you are at, many people don't know that so I figured I'd put that in.

#3 Nibbler! No! - Quest - World of Warcraft

Cut 3 Solid Zephyrite - Item - World of Warcraft.
Repeat #1, replace the Nightstone with Zephyrite and cut them into 3 Solid rocks!

#4 Ogrezonians in the Mood - Quest - World of Warcraft

Cut 3 Jagged Jasper - Item - World of Warcraft.
Repeat #1 and #3, cut 3 Jaspers into Jagged ones

#5 The Latest Fashion! - Quest - World of Warcraft

Test Stardust No. 2 - Item - World of Warcraft on 10 “humanoid subjects”.

Other Players

#2 Cooking

The NPCs who offer the Cooking daily quests are:

Robby Flay - NPC - World of Warcraft

Marogg - NPC - World of Warcraft

Click on the Quests for full quest guide!
A Fisherman's Feast - Quest - World of Warcraft
Feeling Crabby? - Quest - World of Warcraft
Orphans Like Cookies Too! - Quest - World of Warcraft
Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes - Quest - World of Warcraft
The King's Cider - Quest - World of Warcraft

Click on the Quests for full quest guide!
Careful, This Fruit Bites Back - Quest - World of Warcraft
Crawfish Creole - Quest - World of Warcraft
Even Thieves Get Hungry - Quest - World of Warcraft
Everything Is Better with Bacon - Quest - World of Warcraft
Stealing From Our Own - Quest - World of Warcraft

#3 Fishing
The NPCs who offer the Fishing Dailies are:

Catherine Leland - NPC - World of Warcraft

Razgar - NPC - World of Warcraft

Click on the Quests for full quest guide!
Big Gulp - Quest - World of Warcraft
Diggin' For Worms - Quest - World of Warcraft
Hitting a Walleye - Quest - World of Warcraft
Rock Lobster - Quest - World of Warcraft
Rock Lobster - Quest - World of Warcraft

Click on the Quests for full quest guide!
A Furious Catch - Quest - World of Warcraft
A Golden Opportunity - Quest - World of Warcraft
A Staggering Effort - Quest - World of Warcraft
Clammy Hands - Quest - World of Warcraft
No Dumping Allowed - Quest - World of Warcraft

Cataclysm Daily Quests
Tol Barad

There are a total of 12 daily quests available in Tol Barad for the winning team, but only six are offered during any given win period. Each time your faction is victorious, two quest givers will spawn. One of these quest givers doesn't change; the other can be one of three individuals. Each quest giver offers three daily quests. Therefore, even if your faction wins Tol Barad once and completes all the quests within the two-hour time slot, there's an incentive to defend and win again for a shot at three more dailies and once more for a third set of three, bringing the total to 12 daily quests. For the sake of brevity, the Horde versions of the quests are linked below. The Alliance version is exactly the same except for the name of the quest giver.

Fixed dailies (always available when your faction is in control)

A Huge Problem - Quest - World of Warcraft
Swamp Bait - Quest - World of Warcraft
The Leftovers - Quest - World of Warcraft

Rotating dailies (one set of three available for any given victory period)

D-Block Cursed Shackles - Quest - World of Warcraft , D-Block - Quest - World of Warcraft , Svarnos - Quest - World of Warcraft
Cursed Depths Learning From The Past - Quest - World of Warcraft , Clearing the Depths - Quest - World of Warcraft , The Imprisoned Archmage - Quest - World of Warcraft
The Hole Food From Below - Quest - World of Warcraft , Prison Revolt - Quest - World of Warcraft , The Warden - Quest - World of Warcraft

Tol Barad Peninsula: Permanently available dailies
The two factions vying for control in Tol Barad, Baradin's Wardens (Alliance) and Hellscream's Reach (Horde), have their own camps in Tol Barad Peninsula that are accessible regardless of which faction controls the PvP battleground area. These camps are easy to access via portals from Stormwind and Orgrimmar, respectively, and feature portals back to the capitals. This is the only way to reach Tol Barad. NPCs at the caps will offer a random selection of six daily quests out of a possible 22 quests, and these quests will send you all over the peninsula. For the sake of brevity, the links below are for the Alliance version of each quest. The Horde version is exactly the same, but given by a Horde NPC.

Where to get these Dailies :

Baradin's Wardens - Faction - World of Warcraft

Hellscream's Reach - Faction - World of Warcraft
The Darkwood

A Sticky Task - Quest - World of Warcraft
Thinning the Brood - Quest - World of Warcraft

Largo's Overlook

Cannonball! - Quest - World of Warcraft
Ghostbuster - Quest - World of Warcraft
Taking the Overlook Back - Quest - World of Warcraft

Rustberg Village

Not The Friendliest Town - Quest - World of Warcraft
Teach A Man To Fish.... Or Steal - Quest - World of Warcraft
Cape of Lost Hope

Boosting Morale - Quest - World of Warcraft
Captain P. Harris - Quest - World of Warcraft
Rattling Their Cages - Quest - World of Warcraft
Shark Tank - Quest - World of Warcraft
Farson Hold

Claiming The Keep - Quest - World of Warcraft
Leave No Weapon Behind - Quest - World of Warcraft
Walk A Mile In Their Shoes - Quest - World of Warcraft
Wellson Shipyard

Bombs Away! - Quest - World of Warcraft
WANTED: Foreman Wellson - Quest - World of Warcraft
Watch Out For Splinters! - Quest - World of Warcraft
The Restless Front

Finish The Job - Quest - World of Warcraft
Magnets, How Do They Work? - Quest - World of Warcraft
Forgotten Hill

First Lieutenant Connor - Quest - World of Warcraft
Salvaging the Remains - Quest - World of Warcraft
The Forgotten - Quest - World of Warcraft

There are only two dailies in Uldum, one infinitely preferable to the other. The first is a short, sweet, entertaining quest called Thieving Little Pluckers - Quest - World of Warcraft . It's fast, fun to do, located near the center of Uldum where you port in, and awards 150 reputation with Ramkahen, otherwise known as the guys who'll sell you a camel when you hit exalted.

The other, Fire From the Sky - Quest - World of Warcraft, is the daily version of the quest by the same name that is part of the Harrison Jones quest line. This was hands down the most broken, miserable quest I had to do on my way to 85. It involves using a cannon vehicle to shoot slow-moving bombs at tiny, moving soldiers on a large map. Initially, all players shared the available mobs; grouped players' kills did not count for other group members; and worst, you couldn't see any bombs except your own. The group you'd been oh so carefully targeting would blow up seconds before your bomb hit, leading to massive nerd rage.

Twilight Highlands
Wildhammer Clan - Faction - World of Warcraft (Alliance) and Dragonmaw Clan - Faction - World of Warcraft (Horde). Once again, after completing the zone quest line, you will be able to return to Thundermar or Bloodgulch, respectively, and do these five dailies.

Keeping the Dragonmaw at Bay - Quest - World of Warcraft (A) and Crushing the Wildhammer - Quest - World of Warcraft (H) each require you to kill mobs of the opposite faction and loot insignias.
Fight Like a Wildhammer - Quest - World of Warcraft (A) and Total War - Quest - World of Warcraft (H) ask you to collect and destroy, respectively, 10 kegs of dwarven ale.
Never Leave a Dinner Behind - Quest - World of Warcraft (A) and Another Maw to Feed - Quest - World of Warcraft (H) both ask you to collect 10 Wildhammer food stores.
Warlord Halthar is Back - Quest - World of Warcraft (A) and Bring Down the High Shaman - Quest - World of Warcraft (H) (group) require killing a named NPC of the opposite faction.
Beer Run - Quest - World of Warcraft , unique to the Wildhammer, requires you to escort a supply caravan back to Kirthaven.
Hook 'em High - Quest - World of Warcraft , unique to the Dragonmaw, requires you to hook and kill Thundermar Gryphon Riders.


In order to unlock Therazane dailies, you must complete the entire quest chain in Deepholm. There is no way around this. Just start at the beginning of the zone, follow the quests as they appear, and the bread crumbs will eventually lead you to the Therazane faction.

Crumbling Depths
Three of these five quests will be available each day. The first two are fixed, while the last three rotate; only one of them will be offered on any given day.

Fixed quests
Fear of Boring - Quest - World of Warcraft
Motes - Quest - World of Warcraft

Rotating quests
Beneath the Surface - Quest - World of Warcraft
Underground Economy - Quest - World of Warcraft
Lost In The Deeps - Quest - World of Warcraft

Crimson Expanse
These three quests are fixed and available daily.

Soft Rock - Quest - World of Warcraft
Through Persistence - Quest - World of Warcraft
Fungal Fury - Quest - World of Warcraft

Rotating quest at revered
Once you hit revered reputation, the Therazane hub will offer one additional quest, which will be either of the following.

Glop, Son of Glop - Quest - World of Warcraft
The Restless Brood - Quest - World of Warcraft

I reccomend doing these quests BEFORE you start on the others, because these give 20k more Experience points than the other dailies!

Click on the link below for a full guide on Firelands dailies!

Firelands Daily Quests Guide (WoW 4.3) - Icy Veins

Congratulations! You now have 25 Daily quests to deliver in when MoP hits!

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