Monday, August 6

It may be an older mount, but I think the Netherwing Drake is still one of the coolest mounts

The nether drake is by far my favorite mount, I grinded out Netherwing rep on all my guys back in the day. I have a couple of newer ones who I created in Cata who I haven't done the rep grind on though, but account wide mounts will take care of that.

My Paladin still flies her Violet Netherwing Drake since 2007. Back then dailies were scarce, it was convenient for a miner to spend 5k gold on the skill for a +280% mount because the slow mounts were only +60%, the Netherwing Drakes were free (compared to the other epic mounts that cost 1k gold before faction discounts), and their quest chain was full of dailies. I really wanted that mount back then, and when I finally got it after over a week of world PvP and egg farming I felt quite accomplished.

I also loved doing the Netherwing races. If anyone here hasn't done them yet, go and farm the reputation because those races alone are worth it. Play in first person perspective, it's the best way to enjoy the races.

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