Tuesday, August 14

Patch 5.0.4 Dropping August 28, 2012

Soon (c) that is 28th this month, we will be doing great and terrible things to the servers. Awesome and grand things will happen. All of Azeroth will run around in confusion. Warchief Garrosh, obsessed with assuring the Horde’s supremacy over Kalimdor, launches an all-out attack against Jaina's island home of Theramore as the new World Event: The Attack on Theramore Isle begins. AOE looting, account-wide achievements, pets, and mounts, a brand-new talent system and much, much more. That's right, 5.0.4 goes live!

Oh, and raid lockouts will be reset

Other than Talent changes, What else can we expect from this patch:

  • Conquest being dumped down to Honor.
  • Honor cap being temporarily removed (when Mop Launches, honor over 4k will be converted to gold at 35c per point...yes, that's c not s or g.)
  • Account wide pets, mounts & achievements
  • Destruction of Theramore pre-expansion event
  • No pet battles (which is weird, they're a Mists selling point but iirc one of the devs said you won't have to have Mists to particpate)

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