Monday, August 27

When I don't feel like working, I sneak to the closest WiFi

This image was mailed to us with the following text:
work in the Business District of SF and since I can do my job remotely one of my favorite things is to take my laptop next-door to this little cafe, set-up next to the window and people watch while I play WoW, listen to music and drink coffee for an hour or two (or three) while doing work between queues. -it's all about the simple pleasures

I did this through my last years of high school and in uni. Brought my laptop and my work to some coffee shop or café and played WoW, did some math, and enjoyed good lunch and coffee, alone or with company. A waitress once told me she also played, but I can't really remember any details because it was a while ago and I'm on ambien right now.

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