battlenet account trick - possible way for people to cash in?

This trick is only for people who don't mind RMT!

Last night I created a hunter and leveled it to lvl 10.

I then transferred the hunter to the account in my wife's name (same lastname, transfers work), she obtained some of my titles, and all of my mounts. Looks like only a couple vanity pets transferred over.

She received about 500 achievement points, and a good number of my Feat's transferred over on the lvl 10.

Might be a valid "exploit" to create and level up toons to lvl 10, and then sell them. For those of us with high numbers of unobtainable mounts/vanity pets and achieves it could be lucrative (Think Scarab Lord, Spectral Tiger, Collectors Editions, etc).

Full Explanation for those without the imagination needed to see it below -

My wife has her own account I transferred the toon to. (As in completely separate accounts, different authenticators, emails, and logins)

Mapping it out in its simplest form would be.

  • Account A - 12000+ achieves tons of unobtainable mounts/titles/feats
  • Creates a toon and levels it to 10.
  • Creates a New BNet account - Account B - $80 for up to Cataclysm
  • Add a 30 Day Game Time to Account B - $15
  • Transfers the lvl 10 toon to Account B - $25 for transfer
  • Sells Account B for a healthy profit. - Considering what Mine transferred over 160+ mounts inc Swift/normal Spectral Tiger, and collectors edition vanity pets, Classic, TBC, Wrath, Cata, SC2, D3 - Sell for $500(+) - $120(cost of new bnet and transfer) = $380(+) Profit.

No access to the Original account is needed by the Buyer, and they will receive several achieves, titles, and all the Mounts you transfer over to them.
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