Tuesday, September 4

Blizzard really hates discrimination.

I'll bet that funny tickets/responses like this actually have a good purpose. If you were a GM, answering countless tickets every day, I'm pretty sure you would get bored and/or frustrated. Something like this gives the GMs a chance to blow off some steam and heighten their morale, meaning that they are more efficient and harder working in future.

It could be just because I love it when GMs are funny, but I reckon that there are good arguments for these kinds of tickets.

I asked a good friend of mine who works as a GM, and this was his response:

These kinds of tickets can be fun, but it genuinely sucks when you get a string of them. If your numbers inflate too much, you come under scrutiny for things like cheating at your metrics ("Hm, you have an unusually high number of tickets done today" because these are generally much easier or "Why are your survey scores suddenly really high this week?"). Explaining that you've gotten a string of "fun tickets" pretty much always looks suspicious. Like any other customer service rep, you're bottom of the totem pole and more or less expendable - know how many other people are waiting in line for a job at Blizzard, regardless of what it is you end up doing?

That, and it is legitimately bad overall for the queue. No, really, it is. There was a point while I was there that someone with a compromised account ("hacked") took over 3 weeks just to receive an answer. How pissed would you be if you found out tickets like these were delaying you getting your gear and gold back?

It's that fine line - once in a while, it's fun and refreshing. Too much, and it just annoys everyone involved.

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