Saturday, September 29

Easy Gold from Cooking Tokens

As you guys probably know, the first series of 'Art of' cooking quests require 5 pieces of a material and then a follow-up quest requires 5 more. Most of these are quite simple to get except the Juicycrunch Carrots which have a low drop rate from vermin- a pain in the butt and I didn't get a single carrot from questing. When I checked our AH there was a one carrot up for 1000g.

What I noticed yesterday is that you can actually buy the carrots from the cooking materials supplier for 1 token, and doing the other cooking quests I had more than 40 tokens on hand. I bought 4 tokens worth (100pcs) and listed them for 200g for 5. Sold them all within a couple of hours and listed more. Made 8000g yesterday and could have made more but I went to bed after listing the second group.

This is fairly obvious if you take the time to look through the available ingredients, but as people are focusing on leveling now they're rushing through without paying attention and hitting the AH. Today after coming back from work there's 1 carrot listed for 51g, a stack of 16 listed for 51.5g and another single carrot at 1000g. So people still haven't found out about this.

Could probably list for more than 40g each but I figure that's a low enough amount that people will quickly buy it rather than go back to grinding out carrots from vermin.

If you want to gain back your tokens you can use the proceeds to buy cheaper mats (fish are way down on my server) from the AH and bundle them for the cooking daily.

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