Monday, September 17

Server Restarts Exploration Technique

Today I want to share a little exploration Technique I picked up by accident during Server Restarts last week. Follow the steps provided By xPlacebox (( Much love to him for the Macro )) During a server restart

Macro 1
/run AcceptBattlefieldPort(1, 1)
/run ForceQuit()

Up to the point where you que for the BG and use the marco . But instead of killing yourself when you relog you should now be able to walk out through the instance portal the invisible wall no longer working. Please note that you will not be able to hearth, You will not be able to resurrect if you die and you will not be able to unstuck until the server restart is complete. Please note this will not work unless your server is in the process of going down for a restart. I took these black temple images about 7 minutes before restart. hope you enjoy these screen shots of what the front of black temple looks like instanced :3 Azeroth is rather lovely From Shadowmoon valley.  

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