Saturday, September 1

Tiny crimson whelpling farm Trick

There is a spot in Wetlands where 3 groups of mobs respawn instantly when you kill them, 10 mobs in total. The mobs are called Dragonmaw Whelpstealer and Ebon Slavehunter, and they are fighting eachother. Both have a chance to drop Tiny crimson whelpings.

As a hunter i can stand in the middle of them and just multishot them infinitely, they respawn faster than my focus regenerates, even with "Thrill of the hunt".

With the new aoe loot, this spot is completely insane. You fill your bags with wool cloth and linen cloth in notime, and the mobs also drop several twink 19 blues, rare schematics and recepies.

I got my first Tiny crimson whelpling in under 10 minutes, and they go for around 25k on the AH on my server.

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