Tuesday, September 18

Trade trolls convinced Stormrage-US that pet training was open.

After a few years of maining a Tauren shaman, I've developed the habit of dismounting whenever I'm at a mailbox or interacting with an NPC, because I know that when I'm on my Tauren my mount frequently gets in the way of things.

It's actually become a subconscious habit now, I do it when I'm on all of my characters. I'm honestly not sure if this makes me polite, or just odd.

Reminds me when the gem vendor on Isle of Quel'Danas was close to being unlocked in BC. Good times. Isle of Quel'Danas wasn't a part of the pre-expanision it was new content being added towards the later part of BC, similar to the tournament dailies to open up Trial of the Crusader. I can't recall anything special for WotLK other than the tournament but even then I don't remember a huge fuss over vendor goods.

 If I recall correctly it was the mounts and the entry level epics that were the draws of doing those dailies, and even then you had to do quite a few dailies before you could purchase, alleviating the issue in OP's picture. I still vividly remember running around not know wtf I was doing trying to practice jousting with hundreds of other people on that day though, ahh good times.

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