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Using the Death Knight's Control Undead ability to it's maximum potential in ICC HMs

As I've been seeing tons of threads around the internet with a bunch of random things you can do with Control Undead, I decided to make a go-to thread for Death Knights looking to enjoy this amazing new ability in World of Warcraft!

Get into a raid group using your preferred method, legitimate or illegitimate, and make your way towards the first boss. You will want to locate a SPIDER mob called Nerub'ar Broodkeeper (of which there are many) and cast Control Undead upon it. Immediately go down to your new pet bar and turn auto-cast off for the ability Dark Mending. Also, change his Defensive stance to Assist. Make a macro in your macrobook that goes like this... /cast [@player] Dark Mending and place that on an easy to reach hotkey. That is typically an 80k heal and does me a lot of good fighting heroic Marrowgar. On trash, if you get Web-Wrapped by one of the other Nerub'ar Broodkeeper mobs just target your web wrap and have your spider break you out or heal you while you're in there. I recommend always making your controlled undead as your focus, that way you may macro /cast [@focus] Control Undead and hotkey that somewhere convenient as well since the spell only lasts 5 minutes.
JUST AS A QUICK OVERVIEW, ANYTIME YOU GET A NEW UNDEAD MINION, TURN HIS HEAL/BUFF SPELLS OFF AUTO-CAST (AKA RIGHT CLICK THEM) AND MACRO THEM SO THAT YOU CAN USE THEM ON YOURSELF ON COMMAND. CHANGE THE MINION'S STANCE TO ASSIST AS WELL. IT ALSO WON'T HURT TO MAKE A /cast [@focus] Death Coil macro so that you can heal your new companion! Any how, use your current setup to fight Lord Marrowgar and kill him. Move on to Lady Death Whisper.

There is a QUITE POTENT undead mob in Lady Deathwhisper's trash that you will want to control as soon as you can, and kick that dumb spider to the curb!! Its name is Deathspeaker Disciple and it perma-lusts whoever you want and spams a 100k heal every 5 sec on whoever you choose. Since I'm speaking from a soloing perspective, I use the following macros.

To replace my regular Rune Strike:
#showtooltip Rune Strike
/cast [@player] Dark Blessing]
/cast [@player] Shadow Mend
/cast Rune Strike

I also make an identical macro for DS and HS just in case. Those macros will ensure your character stays healed, bloodlusted, and invincible for that fight, Bring him up the elevator to kill gunhip and Saurfang.

Once at the Plague Wing there is a bit of trash you have to clear on your own. I've heard some of these leapers aren't always working, but use CU on different leaper mobs unil you find one that leaps to its target. The leap includes an inherent 3-shot against whoever is taking the attack, and this works to down any boss except Dreamwalker where you will need a healing add once again. Use this leaper for everything including heroic Lich King (when you take the port up it will take a while but he will eventuallly come up there, just re-control him. Now onto Velithria Dreamwalker, the last piece of the puzzle.

Dreamwalker is a fight with tons of adds but the real objective is for healers to heal HER (Velithria Dreamwalker) before time runs out. Have no fear, there's an answer for this, too! Right before you go in to help Dreamwalker, you run into Captain Arnath. You control him and use him to heal Velithria the entire time. It actually goes very quickly with him having access to Power Word Shield and a Flash Heal that heals for about 300k. I like to use /cast [target=Velithria Dreamwalker]Flash Heal and /cast [target=Velithria Dreamwalker] Power Word: Shield. He also has a Mind Control type spell that you might wanna try finding a use for as well.

Some miscellaneous tips that may help is that I have petattack bound to numpad 0 and then main pet attacks bound from numpad 4-5-6 so I can control my pet fairly efficiently but for buffs/heals I prefer macros that guarantee I'll be maximizing their uptime and making things as automated as possible.

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