Sunday, October 14

[CRZ] Doom Lord Kazzak - 500 Gold/Kill LOOTED

In order to make things easier, you must have 2 WoW accounts ( accounts pref.)

  • ACCOUNT A = Main Account
  • ACCOUNT B = Alt Account

How to force Cross-Realm Zone spawn - works for MoP rare elites, world bosses, etc.
  1. Create a level 1 character on low populated realm on Account B.
  2. With the level 1 character, search for level 90 people in BGs, and invite them into a group. (It's easier because those people are less likely to leave your party and cancel the CRZ)
  3. Once you've a level 90 in the group from the low populated realm, over Real ID invite your main character from Account A from the level 1 character from Account B.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.
Doom Lord Kazzak
  • Avoid peak times and weekends
  • Located north in Hellfire Peninsula - Throne of Kil'Jaeden
  • Pure 500 gold (unlike Illidan Stormrage for example, who drops less than 50 gold)
  • 2 epics, one of which might be Exodar Life-Staff, which sells on my realm for over 25k on my realm
  • Random green items

  • Do not search ONLY on the English Realms (EU) - Go on the French, German, Spanish realms, as well
  • Create your level 1 character on a different type of realm from your main realm - RPPVP, RP, NORMAL if your main's realm is PvP
  • Create no more than 2-3 characters in the same type of realm in the same region - the bigger variety you have, the bigger chances you have

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