Monday, October 1 Interview with Lead Encounter Designer About MoP Raiding

Raiding begins Tomorrow! Curse Entertainment was able to interview with Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas, where they discussed the new content that will be released with the new raids this coming Tuesday. Ion compares the new heroics with the heroics of Cataclysm when regarding difficulty. Scenarios are another subject that is touched on as well when talking about the more casual player base of World of Warcraft, where Challenge Modes are for more experienced and hard-core players and get rewarded accordingly.

Legendaries are brought up in the interview as well, going in depth on how the legendary quest line will continue to evolve over the course of this expansion. Ion touches on how the legendary quest line will benefit all players, and how this concept will balance out classes and give a fair advantage at legendaries for all who attend raids weekly.

What do you think about the difficulty of the new heroics? A sign to come for the upcoming raids? You can find the whole interview on Youtube here:

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