Thursday, October 18

Galleon / Sha of Anger Tag Sharing

This isn't as big of a deal for Sha since its up every 15 min or so, but this works great for Galleon. You can share your tag on the boss with other people not in your group. This is extremely handy if you get there and the group is full, or a different group gets the tag, or whatever.

How it works:

Group A gets the tag on the boss and start to kill them. Player from Group A drops from the group, and gets invited to Group B (who does not have tag on the boss). Players from Group B attack the boss and now have the tag on the boss, as well as players from Group A. Boss dies, both groups get loot.

You can also do it where the player from the group with the tag drops group and invites people and makes a new group as well. Same deal, everyone in the group will also get the boss tag.

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