Monday, October 15

Get huge dps burst in Jade Forest

To make it happens first you need to pick up this quest:

Priorities! - Quest 

Then npc named Teng Applebloom will appear and fallow you. Anyway you can make a lot of Tengs but using easy bug. Just run to another village in Jade Forest with flight patch and take flight back to start village (location where npc gave you quest). Now you have a lot of npc fallowing you. More npcs = more dmg outcome (you will probably one-shot every mob on your way).

Sometimes you can have so many npcs, that your fps will drop to 1. Then just take flight to another village and fight back - every time npc number will change.

I use it for skinning on my bot and it helps a lot on neutral animal packs in Jade Forest. Also I discovered it by mistake when I went to buy 372 gear for my alt. Hope it will be usefull for someone

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