Tuesday, October 2

[Pet Battle] God mode pet! (Requires certain conditions)

Me and my friend just discover a quite amazing exploit that can be used to make a pet invincible to 99% of attacks. It does require some specific conditions though, so don't expect to be able to pull this off in every fight.

The pet we used for this was the [Flayer Youngling]

What you need to do is to use the spell [Reflection] when your opponent uses [Lift-Off].

This will cause your pet to get this buff:

And this buff will stay on for the rest of the battle.

The only thing that will be able to touch you is if the opponent uses Lift-Off again, or if he uses an ability that has "This spell will always hit" or such.

You can expand on this as well.

Since you are now in a flying state, you are able to attack other pets who are in the flying state, but with attacks that you aren't normally able to hit pets in this state.

By messing around some more we were able to get a pet on the opposing side to get a permanent "Flying" buff by doing this:
  1. Pet 1 uses Lift-Off.
  2. Pet 2 uses Reflection (Pet 2 now has permanent "Flying", and is thus able to attack other "Flying" pets with attack that aren't normaly usable against them)
  3. You wait until Pet 1 can use Lift-Off again.
  4. Pet 1 uses Lift-Off a second time.
  5. Pet 2 now uses "Kick".
  6. Pet 1 gets stunned while in "Flying".
  7. Pet 1 now has permanent "Flying".
This is not very useful, but still interesting, and you might be able to make something more out of it.

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