Thursday, November 8

Beast Mode in Temple of Kotmogu

This is a little trick I have been using to own in the Temple.

Requires you to have the Aqua Jewel. Aqua Jewel  Dropped from Sahn Tidehunter (10%) Sahn Tidehunter Located in the Vale.

You run in to the start of the match and head for a Power Orb, Before you pick it up use the Aqua Jewel then grab the Orb. You and the "Light and Horde/Alliance Symbol will be virtually invis. for 10 minutes. 

I can hold the orb for over 500 victory points EASY before I die once. You will able to 1 shot almost anyone by this time. Its a beautiful thing when your a decked out DK with invis and can eat people alive. 

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