Tuesday, November 27

I was walking through the Shrine of Two Moons when I overheard this conversation...

People like this always make the community a better place for all. Love it. this is the reason I absolutely with no doubt love Role-Playing realms and encourage everyone to try them out. It can be loads of fun.

My guild has a nice RP meeting behind the church at the Gazebo last night. Just that alone was more fun than doing dailies.

It's a shame that most people see the words "role play" and immediately write it off, thinking "lol, Goldshire". There's much more to it than just cyber-shagging.

I hopped on an RP realm (Argent Dawn, EU) a few months ago and wandered around Stormwind. Lots of interesting stuff to be seen there. People making the effort to build full guard armour sets/acting like bartenders in the pub/doing random training drills as part of a guild/etc.

Made a nice change from the usual "raid day? no? oh, let's just go AFK in Stormwind I guess" attitude on the other realm I used.

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