Wednesday, November 28

MoP CRZ Frostweave Farming Spot (Tailors only)

I found this place on my tailor, with northern cloth scavenging it was easy to average 500 cloth/hour. Zero competition and the packs (!!) of mobs respawn almost as fast ad you can kill them. They are elites, this spot wasn't viable until this expansion for that reason, but with converted heroes being camped on most CRZs this is by far the best spot I've found to farm the 1200 frostweave you need to get to 500 tailoring. Enjoy it before it gets as popular as converted heroes!

If you get bored, aoe the Pit of Saron trash till you get locked out of resetting the instance. It's a bit slower but a lot more fun+you might get a battered hilt.


Farm Embersilk here:

Don't forget a [Potion of Treasure Finding], it will pay for itself with the gold you loot from the chests. There will be "competition" here, but the mobs respawn so fast that it's irrelevant. This spot is also only especially profitable for tailors. I averaged 400 embersilk/hour along with 30 cata greens and 50 assorted volatiles with the potion buff.

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