Wednesday, November 14

Sexy Female Armor Auctionator Shopping Lists

So I have thought a while about the first thing I would like to contribute, this is my own content that I spent hours on working on these lists. Enjoy!

This guide is a how-to guide on getting into the Transmog market. In this guide we will be focusing on Armor that looks really good on female 

characters whether that be armor that is really skimpy or bright colors or even bikini like armor.

First thing first, what addons you will need!


I recommend doing this method with a female character even at level 1 that is a bankalt with the addon MogIt this will allow you to see exactly
what items look like on female characters and you can make the decision to invest on each item.

Postal is just to collect each item.

Once you have those installed you need to do some organization.
  1. Press ESC in game and click on interface then click on the Addons tab.
  2. Click the plus icon next to the word Auctionator
  3. Now click on Shopping lists and click on import
  4. Copy and paste each list and select import
  5. Once you have all the lists imported you can move on

These are the lists I have compiled:
Plate 1 - Click Here
Plate 2 - Click Here
Mail 1 - Click Here
Mail 2 - Click Here
Leather - Click Here
Cloth - Click Here

Now that you have imported the lists into Auctionator you want to go to an Auction House and click on the buy tab

Now click on on the arrow next to recent searches, a drop down menu will appear so select the first list.

Just click on the button below that that says "Search for all items"

Next thing you want to do is let auctionator scan the auction house.
I recommend never spending over 100g on these transmogs unless you know you can sell the item for at least 150% profit 
(Eg. buying Cloudkeeper's legplates at 1k to resell at 7k)

  • Also remember with cloth legs that most of the time people will wear a cloth top that doesn't show leg items.
  • Keep that in mind when buying cloth leg transmogs.
  • Make sure you check if an item is 15g don't just buy it straight away see if there is another of the same item for say 50g. 
  • Then I recommend not buying it as you would have to buy all of the same model and that could rack up to a lot of money and you would have an overstock of one item.
  • Use the addon TradeSkillMaster to create groups for transmogs and to put what price to sell them at.

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