Tuesday, November 13

Tol'viron Arena Dupe, Step by step guide. Make Unlimited Gold!

This is my In-depth guide with links and step by step instructions on how to sucessfully "Dupe" items in the Tol'Viron arena. The Original Post can be found here

However I have learned some different steps which will make this process extremely easier and less tedious. Total i have spent over 60 hours trying different locations and trade sequences with a variety of items. So far i have successfully been able to "Dupe" Mount, Pets, and other rare items. However, i have not been able to use this method "Dupe" gold.

I will warn you now this is an extremely tedious and annoying procedure and if any of these steps are unclear, or are causing you to have any trouble, feel free to send me a P.M. and i will help you as much as i can. In one of these steps i will use a program called HotSpotShield. This will be used to create a small amount of "lagg" which will make accepting the trade alot easier and eliminate the "luck" factor of this dupe. You can download HotSpotShield here for free...

Here are the following steps which need to be completed extremely carefully so they are done correctly.

  1. Go into Arena with 4 people (I used all Alliance players have not attempted on Horde)
  2. Go out of Arena to the border (where it shows green on minimap)
  3. Now we have 2 Characters of enemies -> they are friendly and standing in friendly zone
  4. Player1 go through the border -> trade to Player2 (who is standing in friendly zone)
  5. Player1 Opens trade with player 2, then hits accept before any items are put in
  6. Player2 puts the item that wants to be duped into the trade, then hits accept. Do this very quickly.
  7. (This is where you use HotSpotShield to create a slight lagg on Player1. This step is the most important of all to create the "Lagg" needed to complete this "Dupe") Reboot HotSpotShield and this will create a breif "Lagg" to player one. Once this lagg happens accept on Player1 VERY quickly.
  8. Player2 runs out of border and hits accept
  9. Relog on Player1 and he will still have the item so will Player2
Here is an amazing picture which shows step by step how to get out of the Arena, Go show Zomgtorg some love, this is HIS picture. (Will take down if asked too)

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