Thursday, December 27

farClipBug : a new addon for exploring !

I have recently discovered DanteLarka's "5.1 hack macro" video (5.1 HACK Macro WoW - YouTube) but the macro was not included in the video / description and I have no access to OC's elite section yet.
So I figured out the macros by myself (there are 2 of them if you look carefully). I won't paste them here because they may be inaccurate with Dante's ones.

Quick reminder : the macros switches the sight distance extremely fast, the client subsequently reloads all the map several times per second, leading to interesting effects, such as displaying the invisible building placeholders (the big blue boxes / walls). You can trick the server into thinking there is nothing in front of you and go in several spots, see screenshots for details.

The problem is you need to spam 2 macros, and if you don't like 3rd party like Prospector, you're gonna hurt your fingers 

Someone made a little addon for you explorers !

Pros :

Only ONE key to bind, no spam, no 3rd party
Extremely precise : you can adjust the delay between two switches as precisely as you want.
You can chat, cast spells, use items without keypress spamming in.
Lightweight : a few KB for < 100 lines of code.


You have to install the addon

Screenshots :

Download addon :
Just bind a macro with /fc startstop in it and that's all
Side note to LUA coders : this is my first addon, so if you have suggestions, PM me please
Hope you enjoy this, please give me feedbacks if you test this

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