Tuesday, December 25

Fly in Air Exploit | Seekers of the New Era

oday I will show you how to "fly" inside blue boxes as a warlock, possibly druid's leap and goblins passive and so on.

Macros: (This requires you to be a demo warlock, if you're a druid, just change the demon leap to druid leap and so on.)

Put on action bar 1.
Code:/click Graphics_ViewDistanceDropDownButton /click DropDownList1Button1 /click VideoOptionsFrameApply /cast Demonic Leap /cancelaura Metamorphosis

Put on action bar 2.
Code:/click Graphics_ViewDistanceDropDownButton /click DropDownList1Button5 /click VideoOptionsFrameApply

Now download _keySpam made by Drakefish by clicking THIS link.

Turn the settings like this:*

*This is my settings for my computer. Since this is a graphic bug macro you might need to change the sleep numbers if you have a good computer.

This only works inside blue boxes since you get stuck in air when you spam the graphic bug macro inside boxes. When you're inside a blue box, press spam on _keySpam and turn manualy so that you don't get out of the blue box.

This can be good for getting up on houses in BGs or in dungeons, be creative!

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