Sunday, December 30

I'm better off alone anyway...

I had one of the best grouping experiences in a while yesterday. I started levelling a baby disc priest and soon as I hit 15 I started queuing for BGs and instances as a healer. A couple of hours later I had a blue in every slot (cept for shoulders, she's still only little) and BFD popped up.

Orc warrior tank, Troll hunter, Belf Mage, Panda Monk and me, an Undead Disc priest with a balloon. The tank rocketed off right away and straight away I was annoyed. She pulled everything she could into a corner and seemed determined to make it difficult for me to heal her. And when the tank wasn't pulling, the hunter was. At one point I felt pulled between two fights - the tank and half our dps off in one direction and the hunter soloing yellow mobs at the other end of the room. It was mental.

It was fun! No one died, which I only attribute to the fact that the tank was really well geared and very competent, and I think we cleared the whole place in about ten minutes. I can only imagine she really really needed to wee/eat/get married and said "just one more instance."

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