Saturday, December 15

Power level your battle pets! ( 1-25 in an hour )

I found this intresting thing with battle-pets. As you all may know is that you get awesome pet-xp from defeating pet trainers if you make one attack with the pet you're leveling (more xp if you kill a pet with it). 

Anyway, I found this working best on the pet trainer in Vale of eternal blossoms, since the LAST pet does a survival skill that brings THAT pet down to only 1 hp, so you can make one hit with your low level pet, simply just switch to your low level pet once the last pet is down at 1hp. And then gain 5,5k xp each win. Yes each win.

Now to the trick
You can defeat daily pet trainers more than once a day, maybe some of you think it's common sense to just delete the quest once you've defeated the pet trainer and just re-do the pet trainer battle. But the thing is you can't abandon the quest once you've completed it, and neither can you abandon the quest while in a pet trainer battle. 

SO... What you do is; 

1; First off, you need to have atleast 2x level 25 pets, that will be able to defeat a pet trainer in Pandaria, or Northrend/Outland ALONE! (the 3rd pet is the one you will have at low level)
2; Grab the quest from a chosen pet trainer
3; Remove all of your tracked quest from the tracking list
4; Track the quest you just took
5; Make a macro;

/script SetAbandonQuest();
/script AbandonQuest();
/click StaticPopup1Button1

6; Use this macro once you talk to the pet trainer to battle him/her, use it when you get the pop-up window

7; You will now be able to battle the pet trainer without having the quest, meaning you can do it as many times as you like

( P.S I lvl'd a pet from 1-25 in an hour using this )

Have fun!

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