Thursday, December 13

Teleport through walls [90 Warlocks only]

Alright so while running around in Shrine of seven stars I discovered that with the Glyph of Eye of Kilrogg and the talent Kil'Jaeden's Cunning you can put down a demonic circle teleport on the other side of M2 Object walls.

(Tested with the darkmoon arena to get under and easily take the chest, Get inside Serpent's Spine, Under enemy faction hubs, under Orgrimmar, inside SW walls, outside of bg start areas, and lots of other places)

I searched and didnt see this posted, but it requires you to run forward with eye of kilrogg and spam cast Demon Circle: Summon until it shows the buff but you can't see the circle (it's on the other side of the wall) then drop eye of kilrogg buff or wait for it to run out and teleport.

Even though I'm not an elite member I'm requesting this gets put there, as id rather this didn't disappear in the next two days... I've been using it for lots of fun since MoP release.

I don't think this requires pictures or a video as it seems to work with any M2 Object in the game with enough patience. And it's relatively easy to do.

Edit: This is different than the other version i just found, you can actually use this method to place your circle on the other side of virtually any non-terrain wall. May also work with terrain, haven't tested that yet. Oh it also seems to work with invisible walls similar to the old sandbox tiger/mushroom chair

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