Tuesday, December 4

This is how I deal with people who hassle me

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This is how I deal with people who hassle me
I'm known by a lot of people on my server for being nice. I'm on a tiny server, so if you're active, a lot of people know about you. Well, I can't tell you how many times per day I get random people asking me questions because "I heard you answer questions". I like being the nice guy... it just feels good. The feeling you get when you help someone out, it's amazing! It's one of the reasons I love playing WoW! Someone helped me on my first day when I couldn't figure out how to click on the quest flowers in the Nelf starting zone (this was back before they sparkle like they do now) and I always try to take the opportunity to help people too. It's a lot more rewarding than shiny new gear and achieves. When I was a noob about four years ago, I tried a Nelf. I was questing around Dolanaar, and I got a whisper from someone asking if I could help them for a bit. I said ok, and I got an invite from what turned out to be a high-level toon. He told me just to hang out near him, and he went about killing a few things (I still don't know what he needed me there for). When he was done, he gave me something like 10 gold and told me to spend it on training, not gear. Then he dropped group and rode off. I was stunned. TEN GOLD! I felt like I had just won the lottery, and I made sure to do as he said. I needed a bank guild for my banker last week, so I flew to Goldshire and advertised 100g for charter sigs. I partied up with the first four to respond, and two had no gear and were super thankful. Felt good. The other two, one was in full heirlooms and one was an 88. Meh.

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