Tuesday, January 8

How to diffuse BG rage

Context for those of us west of the Atlantic: "Spastic" basically means "retarded" in the UK.
Context for those east of the Atlantic: "Spastic" basically means jittery or hyper in the US. Like, a drug addict might act spastically.

There was a time when I entered Arathi Basin or Battle for Gilneas where I'd just start out with
Hey I just met you 
And this is crazy 
But cap some bases 
And defend them maybe?
....Diffused lots of tension.

One or two years ago, when they first made the change that Night Elves could ride Mechanostriders (Mind you that they couldn't for the longest time), I needed to get six more Alteric Valley badges (Dating this again) and was determined to get it that night. All that meant was three Alteric Valley wins in a row. Only three, how hard could that be, right? Right.

No, Alteric Valley sucked and so did everyone in it, forever, confirmed by scientists. I que up, run around Iron Forge for twenty minutes and the que pops, game face. Everyone is trying to discuss strategy, rush this, ignore that, etc etc. the first thing I mention? "I used to work at Dippin' Dots."

Someone bit and the discussion started. "What was it like?" "Did you get free samples?" All that and more, people were eating my (ice cream) stories up.

For two hours I discussed my favorite flavors of ice cream and those of others, every time the next que would pop, people would ask "Is Dippin' Dots guy here?" and the conversation would start again. Needless to say, while my entire team was chatting about ice cream, the focus was better than ever and we managed to win three Alteric Valleys in a row for The Alliance.

Tl;dr: Icecream wins Battlegrounds. Dippin' Dots is the ice cream of the future.

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