Friday, January 4

Permanent Slowfall

I guess this could be done with one mage but we used my pally and my friends mage.

When we zoned into sunken temple i did not have slow fall but when i walked through the lag point i still had it so id think you could probably go anywhere in eastern kingdoms

If you are facing sunken temple off to the right side

If you fly through you should hit some kind of lag, this is probably due to crossing through servers have your friend give you slowfall and fly through when you hit that lag dismount, you should land right about where i drew the arrow to on the stairs,

If you do this right at some point you will not have the slowfall buff, however you will have slowfall as you fall

Things im unsure of
  • im not sure when slowfall expired
  • im not sure if you need to be using [X-53 Touring Rocket]

  • Don't dissmiss the mount buff click the mount on your spellbar

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