Thursday, February 7

Holy Priest DPS! Srsly!

We have posted about this in the past, but people rarely take me seriously. I am here to let you know that you can go full-on DPS as a Holy Priest and put out good numbers. If you're looking for something interesting to do and blow peoples minds, I suggest you try it out! I have to warn you though, people will call you an idiot constantly, and then never reply when you tell them to check Recount. Though, you do get mad props now and then.

I ran every LFR last night, and I was overall top Damage-Done on every single one, and top DPS on most fights. My ilevel is 483, fully gemmed/enchanted, so that certainly helps.

Anyway, the reason it works so well is that Holy Priests get a huge buff to Hit, so you can reforge all Hit into Haste/Crit. Same goes for Mastery and Spirit.

For Talents: Mindbender, Twist of Fate, and Divine Star (though I swap for Halo for some fights). Divine Star is better for mana reasons, and I feel its just overall easier to use than Halo. Halo causes people to do "weird" things, such as trying to move to reposition for best damage on it,which actually harms overall DPS, I imagine.

For glyphs: Smite (required), Holy Fire (required), Shadow Word: Death (highly suggested). Glyph of Levitate can be good for fights that have a lot of non-DPS movement, as well. The first two are obvious why you would want them, however the reason for SW:Death is to improve your movement dps. Fights with constant movement will not be your sweetspot.

Rotation Priority: ShadowWord:Pain, Divine Star, Mindbender, Holy Fire, Smite (weave in Death when below 20% of course). If moving, use SW:Death and Holy Word: Chastise and just spam anything else you can cast, basically, lol. Also, Holy Fire and SW:Pain can have awkward timing clashes. I often have to refresh it with a third of its time left, just so I'm not casting it while having a Holy Fire debuff on my target -- you want to smite the entire time. It can get a little repetitive and boring, but if you're running with this spec, you're probably doing it for other reasons, anyway (for the lolz, or for back-up healer availability etc)

Mana issues can be a problem in long fights with 3+ targets that you're trying to keep SW:Pain up on. I've been known to pop a Hymn of Hope just to keep DPSing, but that has since improved with better gear and switching to Divine Star over Halo.

Lastly, if you are going to try this and want to compare to your Shadow dps output, you MUST reforge your gear between comparisons. I can't stress enough that you want Hit/Mastery/Spirit as low as possible. I even spent time trying to find gear that was Haste/Crit only, but theres not much out there.

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