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Isle of Thunder 5.2 Rares

With the arrival of the 5.2 patch, a new area called the Isle of Thunder will be added as a zone. This area contains 11 new rares, Each rare drops gold, a chance at aShan'ze Ritual Stone - Item - World of Warcraft, Elder Charm of Good Fortune - Currency - World of Warcraft, gives an achievement for killing all of them, and even some vanity items.

Common Features of Most/All Isle of Thunder Rares:
  • The hp of the rare increases by about 50% per person that attacks it (besides you). This includes players from other factions. The health percentage remains the same, so if a mob is at 5m out of 10m, it'll go up to 7.5m out of 15m.
  • They have a low-medium drop rate of Shan'ze Ritual Stone - Item - World of Warcraft,
  • They have a low-medium drop rate of Elder Charm of Good Fortune - Currency - World of Warcraft
  • Loot seems to be personalized. Anyone who helps can loot. Its not rolled.
  • Each one killed is worth 15 valor points.
  • Kill one gives you a buff where you do 10% more damage and take 10% less damage. 5 min duration?
  • Each one is worth 100 Black Prince reputation.

The Rares:(All hp values are for solo)

Al'tabim the All-Seeing

Health: 6,323,000
  • Omen: After two minutes you get hit for 400,000 shadow damage. Dropping combat will remove this debuff (not dispellable), Applied shortly after engaging him.
  • Meteor Shower: Summons slow moving meteors from the sky that rain down and do high fire damage. Avoidable.
  • Shadowbolt Volley: Low aoe damage. Interruptable.

The main concern here is when Omen expires and deals massive damage. This won't happen if you have high dps or a lot of health. The other are the meteors which you can simply dodge as they fall. The Shadowbolt Volley does low damage but should still be interrupted when possibly. One of the easier ones.

Backbreaker Uru
Note: Spawns inside the mine.

Health: 9,275,000
  • Break Spine: Roots you in place for ~15 and reduces your dodge/parry by 100%. Melee range.
  • Massive Stomp: Deals ~200k physical aoe damage. Can be avoided by jumping.
Break Spine can be avoided by simply moving away during the cast. If you do get hit, any ability that removes root/snare will work. Just time your jump during stomp and you'll take no damage. You can add some dps by freeing slavemasters and the slaves will attack anything nearby.

God-Hulk Ramuk

Health: 9,275,000
  • Pound: Deals ~150k physical damage. 1.25s cast.
  • Crunch: Heals him for 5% of his health every 3 seconds and reduces damage taken by 50%. Lasts 30 seconds? Interruptable.
  • Blessing of Thunder: Increases his damage dealt by 100%, increases damage taken by 50%, and slows him by 50%. Also makes him huge.
The main thing you have to worry about is Crunch which will heal him a lot and should be interrupted. If you're a class that takes a lot of melee damage then its probably a good idea to kite him during Blessing of Thunder, but may also be worth taking advantage of the increased damage taken.


Health: 10,539,000
  • Shell Spin: Deals ~110k physical damage and knocks back. He'll spin around during this making it difficulty for melee.
  • Crystalline Shell: Redcues damage taken from magic by 10%. Stacks up to 5 times (50% reduced magic damage). Magic buff.

The Shell Spin can be very annoying particularly for melee. He is stunnable though which makes it easy to stop if you have one. His Crystalline Shell is dispellable as well so its mostly about whittling away at his large health pool. Alternatively, you can kite him to the Shado-Pan at Bleak Hollow to help out (this may annoy other players but they'll actually more likely help).

Haywire Sunreaver Construct

Health: 10,539,000
  • Haywire: Does ~20k aoe damage every second with a 40 yard radius. Also increases his movement speed by 100. Last 20? seconds.

Clear the area of any saurok first, as they can be extremely annoying. For Haywire, try to stun and run away. He immediately recasts it but at least you'll have some range to take less damage. He is difficult to kite during haywire because of his movement speed increase, but can be snared.

Unique loot: Rare battle pet.

Ku'lai the Skyclaw

Health: 7,167,000
Pet: 2,107,000

  • Leaping Rend: Range of 15-50 yards. Leaps on the target causing 22,000 bleed damage every second for 10 second.
  • Bladewind: ~55k physical aoe damage. Basically the same as bladestorm.
  • Spirit Bond: Reduces damage taken by 50% while his pet is alive.
Since he takes less damage with his pet up, kill it first. It doesn't seem to have any special abilities. Its a good idea to run from Bladewind, but be careful of Leaping Rend if you're too far away.


Health: 6,745,000
  • Skyforged Hammers: Inflicts 30-35k nature damage on melee hit. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Stormbolt: Deals ~175k physical damage and stuns for 3 seconds. 15-50 yard range.

Simply kite him a little during Skyforged Hammers but be careful about running too far away or he'll Stormbolt. Not much else to say.

Health: 8,010,000
Abilities: (Note, he will have three of these)
  • Horrific Visage: Interruptable fear
  • Meteor Shower: Meteors rain down from the sky that deal heavy fire damage. Avoidable.
  • Scarab Swarm: Summons ten low health scarabs with low melee damage.
  • Thunder Crash: Deals 250k nature damage in a frontal cone.
  • Vengeful Spirit: Summons a banshee that fixates on a player and deals high melee damage but moves very slowly.

You may notice all these abilities are the same as Zandalari Warbringers. All of these abilities are fairly simple to deal with. Horrific Visage can be interrupted, Meteor Shower meteors can be avoided as they fall, Scarab Swarm scarabs can be easily aoe'ed, Thunder Crash can be dodged, and Vengeful Spirit should be kited as it deals a lot of damage.

(Note: spawns on top of the tower)

Health: 6,475,000
  • Darkest Darkness: Reduces healing taken by 99%. Lasts 20 seconds. Affects anyone who's engaged.
  • Spirit Bolts: Casts many spirit bolts that deal 20,000 shadow damage per hit. Interruptable. Lasts 20? seconds.
  • Vengeful Spirit: Summons a slow moving banshee that deals high damage on melee hit
If you rely on a lot of self healing this may be a little tricky. Darkest Darkness can't be dispelled but lasts only 20 seconds so there will be moments of downtime where you can heal. Spirit Bolts should be interrupted as it does do a lot of damage if allowed to go through. Vengeful Spirit is dealt with by simply kiting. They do a lot of damage but move very slow. It will despawn after a while.


Health: 7,588,000
  • Evolution: Stacking buff that makes him deal 10% more damage. Stacks up to 9.
  • Mutagenic Burst: Deals 55,000 nature damage and knocks up. Denoted by a small red circle
  • Unleash Blood: Deals 55,000 nature damage and knocks back. Denoted by a medium red circle.
This is one of the more annoying rares. He spawns on top of a giant hill and has a knockback ability. These two things combined will most likely get you killed. The best way is to kite him off of the hill and down under a nearby arc or just to ground level. Otherwise you risk getting knocked off the hill and fall to death. You can also try to avoid it but the area where he spawns is rather small. The bones can also be used as a wall but isn't very reliable.

(Note: Not currently part of the achievement. Spawns inside the cave.)

Health: 4,075,000
  • Bloody Strike: Buff that causes him to do 5% more damage, but 5% more miss as well. Stacks to 10.
  • ?????: Magical debuff on the target that causes any attacks that hit to heal the attacker for 4%? of his max health.
This can be very annoying if you can't dispel yourself. Bloody Strike isn't a big deal but the debuff he puts can cause him to be healed VERY fast. Make sure you kite until it wears out or you'll be in for a very long battle.

Unique loot: This item instantly kills you. 5 min cooldown. You take no durability loss. Can be used while in combat and moving.

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