Monday, February 18

Manipulator's Wrath procs by party members (instead of pets)

there is currently a bug with Manipulator's Talisman.

The bug causes the trinket to be able to be proc-ed by party members in your party as well as your pets. This will grant anywhere from a 2 to 5% increase in DPS, depending on class and haste. The trinket is designed to only do so with your pets.

While I assume ANY class wearing the trinket and joining a group will help the entire group to have this hidden buff, it is important to keep in mind it MAY be class specific.

I will write down the full information/situation how it happened:

I play a warlock and today when joining a cross server group in dreadwastes, a party member noticed the "Manipulator's Wrath" proc on their scrolling combat text. While I was the only one in the group wearing the trinket this was frowned upon and thought a mistake at first. But as we experimented we noticed that the Manipulator's Wrath kept proccing every now and then resulting in a 3% increase in DPS.

While 3% for one member isnt much, we are talking about an extra 3% DPS for EACH party member (and possibly RAID member). It may not seem much, but if this is usuable in raids it could be used to clear heroic modes easier.

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