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Protection Warrior tips to Mogu-Shan Vaults

Welcome to our, hopefully simple, tips and tricks to 5.1 raid bosses! we are  going to post our own experiences, and any suggestions people have that might be of help to someone. This isn't a guide for general tanking, or covering the basic fights, but tips that might help increase your survivability during particular fights. Some of these suggestions might apply towards other tanks, but the goal is to compile Protection Warrior advice. Note: Most of these fights are 10 man normal since I've done 16/16, and only 3/16 heroic. Some mechanics transfer over to heroic fights and even 25 man, but not all, so please use caution in those cases. Shield Block = sBk and Shield Barrier = sBr Updated:Stone Guard and Feng

Mogu-Shan Vaults
The Stone Guard: For talents I recommend Dragon's Roar, Vigilance, and Bloodbath. I normally use the trading method with my offtank, where he will tank two and then I'll tank two depending on who is active. This being the case, I like Dragon's Roar and Bloodbath for a little more DPS. Bloodbath primarily for its low CD, so I can pop it when I'm tanking two of the Guards at once, same for Dragon's Roar. Vigilance is helpful for when you need to swap Guards, because taunt no longer has a CD. Since I don't often see high enough damage to constantly use sBr, I usually keep sBk up and that works well. This being the case I like glyph Heavy Repercussions, and I also normally have Hold the Line and Unending Rage. Good communication and UI is key, so you can target what you need to and taunt as necessary.

Feng the Accursed:One key component I'd like to point out, is whoever has the Mirror ability should use it at ALL TIMES. This significantly increase their DPS, helping phase faster. Depending on the phase I don't save my banner for lust, but rather at the start of that particular phase. During the Spear(fire) and Staff(arcane) phases I try and pop raid CDs like Mocking banner and Rallying Call to help out. I monitor when Feng is about to perform a special like Arcane Velocity, so I can save up enough rage to pop sBr a second or two after he casts it. Also if you have T14 four piece, using a last stand during each Draw Flame or Arcane Velocity helps. For heroic you'll want to bring along Piercing Howl and Shockwave. While most the fight is the same, during the shield phase you'll want to help your group if needed on the Soul fragments. When they spawn, and I just tank swapped with the boss, I'll heroic leap in front of them, then hit them with a Shockwave and Thunder Clap. Before I go back to tank swap I'll use Piercing Howl. You can use glyphs of Blitz or Hindering Strikes, the key being slow down the adds more then dps them. Also note that Feng will always toss his shield in front of him to the left, and the adds go to the shield, so you can tank him closer to the center of the room.

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