Friday, February 22

Ruby Sanctum Exploration - Druid Style!

Recently some friends and I have been going around exploring with the Warlock Eye of Kilrogg trick combined with a Resto Druid (for symbiosis to use the Demonic Portals.) We decided to try it at the Ruby Sanctum but were not successful. The Demonic Portal would go under the ground and we would get disconnected. After a night of trying and letting my Druid reset from the Disconnect loop, I decided to try it at a different approach.

Basically I used the same concept I would as if I were a Mage trying to blink though invisible walls. As you will see in the video, there is an invisible wall in the way of the mountain, so you cant just climb up. If you have watched my Mage explorations especially in Old Hillsbrad you will see what I mean about blinking though invisible walls. If you use the treants when your on a tree, they go through the invisible wall. You can use while charge as well since you are on a tree. This was the only place that I was able to actually get the treants to go past the invisible wall so I know this concept will work elsewhere.

Here is a macro that has helped out big time. It's actually 2 macros, I like to bind them to action button 1 and 2 and just spam action button 1 until the treants start going to the area you want them to be. The second one targets one of them and does Wild Charge for you, since they only last about a minute (maybe less)

Macro 1 (Casts Force of Nature, spam to the location you would like the treants to travel to)

/cast Force of Nature /click PetActionButton3
Macro 2 (Targets one of the treants, the casts Wild Charge to teleport to the treant.)

/target Treant /cast Wild Charge

Heres the video of how to get outside the boundaries. From there you can explore with the treants around the perimeter 

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