Wednesday, February 20

Use what you're good at and what you like doing to make gold!

2 weeks ago, I saw someone selling a Corrupted Hippogryph in trade. This is one of the few TCG mounts that I was still interested in learning, so I pitched them a (starting) offer of 100k. I was politely declined, and although I had plenty more gold to throw at it if I so chose, I asked them if maybe they'd like other things I have for trade. With over a million on the AH in mounts, gear, goods and mats (and of course more in transmog) I was sure we might be able to reach an arrangement.

After talking a little further, I found out this was someone advertising for her husband, and the deal I settled on with the holder of the reins was a unique one: I got the mount, he got 50k, 2 Xuen (str) trinkets (realistically 18k each at time), and me running him and his wife through ICC10 heroic whilst doing as many achievements as possible, specifically those he needed to finish the meta he had mostly complete.

I've been raid leading for years, and actually started the process of gold runs on my server during ICC, which made me a lot of the acquiantances I have there now. I know there are plenty of people like me, with a wealth of knowledge that stays in place but doesn't get used very often about things like these. And with people returning to the game and new players coming in for MoP, there are more people interested in some things like those old achievements, who just want to have fun.

So that's what I did. I sold fun.

They got the achievements they wanted without having to go look up how to do them all and worry about making a mistake. They got whatever transmog that dropped, and to hang out, together, in a relaxed, fun raid. I love leading, teaching, and showing people the excitement in this game of seeing stuff they've never seen before.

I don't think "if you're good at something, never do it for free" is the motto I'm looking for when I'm talking about mostly facerolling old content.. but as much as I've enjoyed diversifying and playing the AH to finance my solid gold hot tub and ever-expanding mount collection, I have overlooked this fun gold-generation method!

Especially since I am on the opposite end with someone in my guild whom we have dubbed the Loremaster. He gets on in mumble and people will ask questions about what is going on with this or that quest/dungeon/raid, and with his ample knowledge of the WoW books (and paying seriously close attention to the ingame quests and dialogue) he's usually able to elaborate. In return, I give him stuff on the cheap when it's something I normally sell for profit, or overpay him for his crafting mats, just to give a little back.

Sorry this ended up a bit ramble-some, I am overdue for a powernap after a long, early morning, but it's something I'll be lookig for more opportunities to do in the future.

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