Wednesday, February 20

World of Warcraft magazine article from 2001, before the game was released

I think one of the saddest things in gaming for me is that I don't know if a game will ever create that "Holy Fuck - this is unbelievable" feeling that I had the first few days I played WoW. Having said that, the launch of BC and WotLK were pretty amazing too, but I can't recall ever having the breath literally sucked out of me like the first time I found a flight point, took off and started to realize just how huge this game was. My biggest "holy shit" moment was during the Human character creation cinematic. As the narrator gave me some backstory, the camera zoomed out of SW, down to Goldshire, and then up to Northshire. I saw a player or two killing wolves or spiders and realized, this isn't a movie, this is the actual game world I'm about to experience. I was floored.

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