Sunday, March 17

2 man 25 Yogg Saron 0 Lights

When reading on some old articles i found this: Yogg-Saron (tactics) - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft (read: hotfixes all the way down)

The problem with this and 2 manning it is that psychosis will hit us fast and hard and we will be insane really quickly. Now what we found out was that the dk suddenly never lost more then 28 sanity because he was useing his AMS at a specific time during the fight. So we evolved upon this and tried it with a mage and a rogue where they would iceblock / cloak when they were at 28 sanity. Same thing for me but with bubble.

Now why this worked is because psychosis is supose to stop hitting players when they are below 40 sanity, the problem was that it didnt stop hitting us after we were below 40 sanity. I know the immunity effect stopped the cast of psychosis, but i dont know why it completely stopped her from casting it.

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