Wednesday, March 20

A day in very old Eastern Kingdoms

In this video the maps is that WoW Alpha [0.5 (2003)] in Mist Of Pandaria.

And here i'm still trying to get the client from a torrent with no seeds..
Damnit i need to get into model editing ! This is very much more advanced than the usual version avaliable everywhere.

I'd so very much like to explore it !
0'59 : the meeting stone used to be an altar in a old, old, build but i have yet to see them in any of the supposed "alpha" client i saw.

Wowwiki says :

The Altar of Kings and the Altar of Storms both appeared in various locations in the World of Warcraft alpha. They were removed before beta, but still exist in the game files.They worked like the hearthstone, you would respawn there if you died.
Are you sure this is alpha and not beta ?

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