Thursday, March 28

Earn quick "Lesser Charms of Good Fortune" through pet battles

Something few might know, as the pet battle system is fairly new with not many who have gone far in to it. By using the pet battle system you are able to obtain a certain amount of Charms from many won pet battles, 1000% faster than it would take to complete daily quests.

1. To start off, your character must presumably be at level 90 with pet(s) reached at least level 12 facing enemies at equal level, though I would recommend your pets to be at least level ~16 in order to be given more Charms per battle to be more beneficial than dailies.

It is also close to required to have a pet which have the ability to heal themselves and at the same time do heavy damage, to solo every battle. In other words a robot, to not having to wait for the 8 minute healing ability in order to proceed.

2. Keep winning the battles against enemies at equal level and through battling other players and you should've reached the 90 Charms required in no time compared to the ultra-boring dailies.

Have fun and put the dailies to the past, as I have.

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