Tuesday, March 5

Facing mages as a Frost Death knight - Tips and tricks

1.) Never open with AMS, first off your chains root and reapplication of it will keep the Mage in melee range for the duration of his nova. Save AMS for when you are about to get blown apart or know he can't get away and you want to pop cool downs, which I will get to later.

2.) Never let the use of blink be the mages idea. 99.999% of mages will blink when you grip, so use that knowledge to your advantage. I grip the moment a Mage gets out of melee range usually and instantly dark sim as they are flying through the air towards me. Most mages are already smashing the blink button laughing at your for blowing your grip early... Then you blink right on top of their laughing character and make them shit their pants. At this point you already won because they are so confused they panic and die or block. Sometimes you can even get them to blink while your second grip is still up (pvp set bonus) if that is the case you don't even have to dark sim it. Just be aware of your set bonus internal cool down and get in the mages head.

3.) Ties in with 2, there are really only 4 spells worth setting up a sweet dark sim for with a Mage; CS, blink, sheep, and ice block. Aside from this there are basically garbage/not usefull (ring of frost is more of a luck game with dark sim) . Dark Sim on a deep freeze nets you a greyed out spell you can't use even if there are in a chains "root"....

4.) Strangulate doesn't stop ice block... It's like bubble for paladins. Also dark sim on blink is better. Use strang when your about to get shit on and you already used AMS. Or when they blink and you didn't/missed your dark sim. They will usually just stand there a second confused letting you gain some ground.

5.) ice touch glyph all day every day dispel their shield and lol @ your oblit crits

Keep in mind this is for your run of the mill random bg Mage/low rated Mage and some of these will not help you versus someone using their brain (which is that .00001% of mages I left out) :p

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