Thursday, March 21

Here is how you make gold, right here!


Let me explain. The above is real advice, and it's what has the richest among us here staying rich. We're curious, we investigate new markets, try new addons and new marketing strategies. We're DOING things, not asking and waiting for someone else to give us an answer.

All of what I'm about to say here, I'm not saying just to be antagonistic, I'm saying it because this is how you make gold. There is no magic bullet and there is nothing we can tell you that doesn't require YOU to do work to generate gold. Time is money.

So many posts here are showing up without enough information for us to help you. "I am profession/profession how make gold nao" doesn't give us anything to work with. Server economies vary. Serious players in a given server's market vary. How much time you're willing to spend varies. What you have already tried and where you have looked for information already varies.

Understandably, many of you haven't known what to give us to help you--that's fine, now you do.


As of this post there are 2,490 people subscribed to this subreddit, of which most are lurkers. There are over 4 thousand times this many people subscribed to World of Warcraft. There is a truckfull of trainfulls of shittons of information already available. Go look for it. That's what the 1% do when we're curious, we investigate.

There is about a 98% chance that anything you're about to ask here has been asked and answered already somewhere on the internet, so here are some resources.

This leads you through all of the following, and generally gets you where you want to go, but here are some blogs and forums:

There are dozens more unincluded only because I'm at work and my focus is writing a post, not compiling a list. Also, at work I can't check any of these links for functionality--if someone would like to do so and/or add more in the comments, that'd be fantastic.

Other useful sites:
The Undermine Journal. Use this to search your server's auction house and get price-over-time information on items you're interested in auctioning with.

WoWuction does something similar, though I have very little experience with the site. Still goblin-recommended.

WoWhead has all the in-game data you'll need to look at, and (usually) helpful guides and comments for each page.

So again, there it is for you. The #1 tip I can possibly give for you to increase your incoming gold--do your own research.

Overall, this subreddit is full of people more than willing to help you, but don't slap us in the face by expecting us to do the footwork for you. If you make a post showing us you've clearly put in a bit of time and you're wondering where to go from there, you will get good answers in return.

I sincerely hope this helps.

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