Sunday, March 24

Right door at Shrine of Seven Stars is backwards.

Right door at Shrine of Seven Stars is backwards. Devs just copy/pasted it without mirroring it. Look at both sides of each door in game. One side is decorated with a part that looks like a lock/knob assembly of some sort. The other side of the door is flat and not decorative.

Now imagine if both doors were closed. It becomes apparent that the right door has been put on backwards. In fact, it is the LEFT door, just coped and pasted over without mirroring it. Classic design mistake, yet easy to fix.

All the outside doors at SS are like this. I didn't check any other door assemblies, nor did I check the Horde side. But my guess it's the same way.

Maby It's just a careful, thoughful, statement regarding the duality of the Pandaran race. Yin & Yang if you will. One one hand, you have fancy, carved, ornate doors. On the other, you have plain, calm, utilitarian doors. This is quite clearly a metaphor (and maybe a foreshadow) of the coming Alliance/Horde war.

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