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Stormbreaker - Complete all Achievements on the Isle of Thunder

I have first wrote this summary for me and some friends, but maybe someone of you are interessted too. All Information are collected from wowhead and other sites.

Meta: Stormbreaker
Reward: You shall be granted the title "the Stormbreaker"

Isle of Thunder

Complete the quests:
The Storm Gathers
Al'chukla Credit
Stringlock Backup 02
The Assault on Zeb'tula
Stringlock Backup 03
Shan Bu

Thunder Plunder
Find a Trove of the Thunder King. The troves can be found all around the isle. Interessting is that there is chance that the trove can contain a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen . This item opens a new single-player Scenario called Troves of the Thunder King

In the Hall of the Thunder King
All these Achievments can be obtained in the Scenario Troves of the Thunder King

When in Ihgaluk, Do as the Skumblade Do
You have to /bow before the following forms of Kroshik. Kroshik advances through four phases of life during a week's time. Yes, this means only one piece of the achievement will be up each day. He goes through the cycle chronologically.

  • Kroshik (Egg) can be found inside an egg.
  • The baby Kroshik (Baby) will hatch from the egg and can be found running around Ihgaluk Crag.
  • Kroshik (Mature) matures to its adult form and will circle the filth pit/pool in the middle of Ihgaluk Crag.
  • Kroshik (Sacrificed) will be placed on the altar at the beach [55.0, 88.3] and sacrificed.

Here is the NPCScan add macro:
/npcscan add 69907 Kroshik egg
/npcscan add 69908 Kroshik baby
/npcscan add 69218 Kroshik mature
/npcscan add 70226 Kroshik corpse

This Isn't Even My Final Form
To get this achievement, you must wear the two buff below at the same time:

Platform Hero
Survive for 90 seconds on the pillars in the Swollen Vault.
Here is a map and description that banana77 draw on wowhead:

Description: You start at the green circle, following the green arrows around the platforms. You'll see the green circle on the picture, make sure platform in front of that is cleared of the electrical field. You'll start on the red line, finally finishing off with the yellow line. Keep following the same pattern until you get the achievement (90 seconds). The pattern doesn't change at all. Make sure not to get hit by the electrical field, or it will knock you off. The guys below come alive and will do a ground effect, make sure to run out quickly. It's nothing hard at all. Easy achievement.

You Made Me Bleed My Own Blood
You have to kill Fleshcrafter Hoku without killing any of the Possessed Blood he spawns. He is located in The Thunder Forges, right down the central stairs leading to the Throne of Thunder. The Possessed Blood will heal him up, so the fight will take some time. With two players this is easy going.

Knock a Zandalari Beastcaller from his flying mount. Zandalari Beastcaller ride the Zandalari Skyscreamer. Make sure you attack the Beastcaller instead of the mount, or you will not get credit.

Direhorn in a China Shop
Destroy the Priceless Zandalari Vase using the Loa-Infused Bloodhorn's charge attack.
The Loa-Infused Bloodhorn is found in the northern part of the Beast Pens. Kite him down to Delicate Zandalari Vase. Don´t kill the Loa Speaker which is following him. When you arrive the Vase, wait forTrihorn Charge and let the Direhorn smash the vase.

It Was Worth Every Ritual Stone
Kill all the summonbale Bosses on the Isle of Thunder.

Spirit Champions
Echo of Kros located at 55.2 87.7 Island Phase 1
Spirit of Warlord Teng located at 35.7 63.8 Island Phase 1
Kor'dok located at 30.7 58.6 Island Phase 1

Lightning Champions
Electromancer Ju'le located at 44.5 61.0 Island Phase 1
Qj'nor located at 48 26
Ancient Mogu Guardian located at 55.3 47.9

Primal Champions
Cera located at 57.9 79.2 Island Phase 1
Windweaver Akil'amon located at 68.9 39.3
Incomplete Drakkari Colossu located at 49.9 20.7

The Crumble Bundle
Complete the Quest The Crumbled Chamberlain in 10 minutes.

Shoulder - Ihgaluk Crag (Most southern mountainous region of the Isle, inhabited by Saurok and slimes)
Staff - Trolltonshire (West of the Crag, inhabited by trolls)
Chest - Court of Bones (North of Trolltonshire, inhabited by Mogu)
Hair - Diremoor (Swamp area with a large tower in the middle)

Note: This Quests is a weekly quest!!

Ready for RAAAAIIIIDDD?!?ing
Crush 200 Ihgaluk Roaches within 1 minute. It´s nearly impossible to do this alone. Form a raid with 20 people and it´s not difficulty anymore.

These Mogu Have Gotta Go-gu
In the Court of Bones, summon and defeat all of the ancient mogu listed below.

  • Use Incantation of Deng to summon Forgemaster Deng @ 38.7, 58.1
  • Use Incantation of Haquin to summon Haquin of the Hundred Spears @ 38.9, 59.3
  • Use Incantation of Vu to summon Sparkmaster Vu @ 38.5, 54.8

Blue Response
Shoo away the rare blue Hatchling Skyscreamer. You or someone else has to fear the hatchling away during the daily quests. After that he will respawn as an blue version.
You can use the NPCScan macro /npcscan add 70215 Hatchling Skyscreamer to add him to the database, but this seems currently bugged. Better way is to use the /target command.

Speed Metal
Defeat Metal Lord Mono-Han with 10 stacks of Power Surge. You get the buff by killing the Shan'ze Electrocutioner around Lightning-Vein Mine.

Note: You have to pull more mobs to get a higher and longer stack. Group up with a tank if its possible!!

For the Ward!
Use a Sunreaver or Kirin Tor perimeter ward to finish off an opponent. Bring a sunreaver down to 10% hp and then let the wand kill him.
Note: Dawnseeker Promontory/Violet Rise becomes available after completing Stage 1: Securing a Beachhead, and completing the quest/single-player scenario The Assault on Shaol'mara/Zeb'tula.

Our Powers Combined
Kill Guardian Tak'u one time without blessings and one time with all blessings.
Note: For killing without blessings you have only 30seconds. Use a Zandalari Potion for extra 25% dmg!!

Zandalari Library Card
Loot the rare books listed below from Zandalari trolls on the Isle of Thunder. These books drop from several Zandalari mobs on the island and sometimes from Fortuitous Coffer.

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