Sunday, April 28

Arena glitch! Never loose as Rogue/shaman or Druid/Shaman!

This video will show you how to get to a safe spot in all arenas so if your team is loosing you can simply get your rogue up there! This way it can only be a drawn, and you wont loose any Personal rating.

USE THIS WITH CAUTION, There's a high change people might report you though, but if your rogue stealths and shadowstep and you quickly destroy the totems people wont see where the rogue is and wont actually know that you did it

PS - There is also a Teleport border In Ruins of Lordaeron If you want to explore Ruins of Lordaeron and Blades edge maps you will need offline mode

This can also just be used for fun in wargames if you want to explore the outside of arenas as you will notice Ruins of Lordaeron is not even placed in undercity but is actually at Shadowfang Keep!

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