Thursday, April 4

Economics of Ore (How to move your stash of Ghost Iron into cold hard cash)

So you're botting or you've somehow come into tons of GIO and you're tired of the shuffle and ore just isn't selling that quick on your server or you just want to diversify and get into another market to exploit. Here is what you do.

  • 600 Alchemy (transmute spec for max profit)
  • tons of Ghost IRon

Pretty much you're just going to be converting your ore to trillium via Transmute: Trillium Bar 

Conversion rate goes

2 Ore -> GI Bar
10 GI Bars -> 1 Trillium

I like to list them as stacks of 10, so effectively I can list and sell 200 ore in one auction without losing too much profit

Ghost Iron Ore is 2.75 per ore so 55g a stack of 20
Ghost Iron Bar is 7.31 per bar
Trillium Bar is at 54.99 so 549.90 for a stack of 10

So as you can see, the amount of Trillium to Ghost Iron is about equal.

Why this works better now than before 5.2
Secrets of the First Empire - Quest 

This is the first quest you get in the 5.2 line

Anyone who wants to do the PvE line will have to buy out 40 trillium bars

For maximum sellage try keeping Stacks of Ghost Iron Ore, Bars and Trillium going so you don't get bottlenecked into one market.

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