Tuesday, April 16

Guide to improve your character to the maximum!

Since I tryed helped out some friends,  I decided to make a post about this website that has been helping me out for a long time now. My thoughts was also it to bring more people to this website and give them more knowledge about this epic feature( NOT MY CREATION, ALL THE CREDS TO THE CREATORS)

Ask Mr. Robot is the website!

1.Go to Gear Optimizer - Ask Mr. Robot - World of Warcraft 

2. Fill in the specific information in the right order to display your character.

3. Once your character has been found, click on it!

Dont forget to update it from armory as much as you can when you're about to do new changes. ( the armory will refresh when you relog your character in world of warcraft)
If you click on "Find best in slot" you will be displayed with the best-inslot items for your specific chosen spec while in pve/pvp spec.

If you want to optimize your current gear, hit the "Optimize" button and it will show you what you should reforge/enchant/gem to optimize your character!

If you dont want to raid/Dungeon for items, the Mr.Bot got a filter in "Options" so you could filter out all unwanted areas.

I'v been using this website for over 5 months now and its really easy to setup.The bot tells me exactly what to enchant in which spec even if I want to play in a pvp mode / pve mode. 

The best thing about Mr.bot is that it calculates your hit/exp so you can maximate your other stats!

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