Saturday, April 20

I don't care what anyone says, this mob made me shit my pants every time.

This picture makes me think of "NO, NOOO... I don't wanna start over at the Graveyard!". During Blizzcon the year that they decided to nerf them they said they had the highest kill count out of any mob.

Frost shield + large pool of HP + Fireball that literally rips a person apart = stay away.

I remember having to pull mobs all the way out of Moonbrook incase they got too social. Christ. The amount of times dying to a respawning, fire throwing, ambushing Defias mage will always make me rage at the keyboard.

They are live the damn zubats... There's just no end to them. that whole area was a clusterfuck. Whoops, accidently pull one? Jk you pulled them all.

Those mobs were like lays potato chips. "You couldn't have just one.'. But there were considerably less air in moonbrook tho.

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