Thursday, April 25

Pandaria The Lorewalkers Lore Objects & Shrines

This image was mailed to us with the following description:

Died three times attempting a rare because I was half-asleep and wasn't paying attention. Ran back and saw that someone else had it tagged. Decided to help her kill it anyway. 30 minutes later...
I was completely floored when I received this since she didn't have to at all. I guess I was pretty frustrated at that point and when I saw that the rare had been tagged, I just went "fuck it, I've had my shot", so I helped to dps it down and threw a few healing spheres at the tagger when she made some positioning mistakes. I also mounted up and flew out pretty much immediately after it was down so I'm surprised she even remembered my character name.
Makes me feel a bit better about the whole thing and how competitive people can get with this game...
(Also, I know my skillbars/hotkeys are absolutely screwed up. I really should do something about them...)

Well earned, and a very cool story!! Thank you for sharing. =)

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