Thursday, April 4

Shaman hex on a ring of peace'd target makes the ring shrink down to a laughable size. Melees could still hit the target without getting disarmed.

This is because the ring of peace range is affected by modelsize and the frog model is very small.
Mage poly works also but the polyspell has to be something small like polymorph:rabbit otherwise the bubble gets bigger depending on modelsize.

This thing works both ways, so if you ring of peace a Tauren the bubble will be pretty big.

You can use all kinds of size enchancements.

If you ring of peace someone doing Become An Old God - Alliance Rogues Only trick we posted before,  the bubble will envelope the whole frickin map. ring of peace 100 yards. Pretty awesome having a Tank potionstealing the giantmodel from a rogue and ring of peacing whole orgrimmar

have fun!

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